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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Beers Now On The Bar And Up Next

We are now open again and had some really positive feedback at lunchtime on our improvements. Shame it poured down throughout and I had to cycle home in shorts and a t-shirt. Oh well, that's life.

So, fresh on today is the delightfully hoppy Marble Summer at 4.5%, a lovely ray of sunshine even on a wet, cold day like today. We also have Fuzzy Duck Golden Cascade at 3.8%, Barngates Cat Nap at 3.6% and another gem from Deeply Vale, their Shipload at 5%.

On the fifth pump tomorrow will be Marble Lagonda for an extra little treat.

Likely to join us over the weekend will be a robust porter from Nine Standards, their Double Standard, and Bob's Brewing Co's Yakima Chief.

Now then, from 1982,  I give you John Watts, of Fischer-Z fame and a wonderful song-Lagonda Lifestyle:

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Don't Forget......

.....The Snug is now closed for a bit of a refurb, open again on Thursday 27th June.

We are having work done so that just like Happy Mondays, we can 'do it better'. We will be reopening with Marble Summer and some other extremely high quality and quaffable ales, hope you can join us. In the meantime enjoy the rest of the weekend and a spot of music from the lads:

Friday, 21 June 2013

Weekend Beers and Next Week

Please remember that we will be closed next Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th June, as well as Sunday and Monday. This is to have important work done to our 'cellar'. We will have some excellent beers on when we re-open on Thursday 27th June.

This means that we will be running the stillage down this weekend so, in a nutshell, everything must go!

Today we open with the ever popular Dainty Blonde from Privateer and a deliciously fruity Crusader from Medieval Brewery. There is a small amount of Elis, a dark mild from Welbeck Abbey, Swan Black IPA from Bowness Bay and a very small amount of Fuzzy Duck Ruby Duck.

Next up will be Ulverston Royal Reserve and the two Roses Heron Porter. On standby is the Fell Brewery Progressive Pale.

We still have Old Rosie and Gwynt y Ddraig's Happy Daze.

Next week also sees Mrs B and I celebrating a significant anniversary, so I thought today's showing of a popular beat combo should have some relevance. Mrs B was born in Wythenshawe, a leafy bourgeois suburb of Manchester bordering on Cheshire. It's not really but eh! As a consequence we were wed in St Anthony's Church in Woodhouse Park, Wythenshawe.

So it seems appropriate that today I offer you Wythenshawe's very own super group, Slaughter & The Dogs :

Friday, 14 June 2013

Beer Update

This weekend we have a small amount of Goff's Black Knight at 5.3%. We also have Marlpool Derbyshire Classic at 4.8%, Mr Grundy's Pip, Squeak and Wilfred at 4.4% and Amber Duck from Fuzzy Duck at 5.3%.

Joining us today on the fifth pump will be Bowness Bay Swan Blonde at 4%, an ever popular weekend tipple.

We also have Weston's Old Rosie (7.3%) and Gwynt y Ddraig Happy Daze (4.5%).

Next up will be Welbeck Abbey Elis, a dark mild at 3.8% and Two Roses Cascade at 4.2%.

Also today we will be adding to our take home range mini-casks of Old School Brewery Hopscotch and Detention at £20 for around 9 pints, or 5 litres in foreign money.

So until you can join us enjoy The Adicts, and don't spill your beer:

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Beers and Improvements

We start the week with Bowness Bay Mere Gold, Deeply Vale Still Walking, Goff's Black Knight and Vale One Ton Morris.

Later this month we are having important work done on our 'cellar'. Unfortunately this will mean The Snug will be closed on Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26th June (as well as the Sunday and Monday) and we will re-open on Thursday 27th June.

We will be having improved stillage fitted (the things the casks sit on) and are having an electric hoist fitted to make placing casks on the stillage a one man job. Life will be much easier, which is what we all want.

Hope to see you soon!

Friday, 7 June 2013

In The Summertime!

What a lovely week and the good weather started with our outing to The Prince of Wales at Foxfield, Ulverston Brewery and Romney's in Kendal on Sunday. All three places were extremely welcoming and provided a coachload of thirsty punters with some damn fine ale and tasty food. Many thanks to all. Details of next outing/event coming soon.

This weekend we will be starting with a little bit of OSB Headmaster, a little Portobello Market Porter and some Magpie JPA. We also have Kelham Best from Kelham Island in Sheffield.

Today we will be joined by One Ton Morris from Vale Brewery in Buckinghamshire.

Next up over the weekend will be Goff's Black Night from the Cotswolds and Deeply Vale Still Walking from Bury.

We also have Weston's Old Rosie scrumpy and Country Perry.

As we are having such a glorious spell of weather let's celebrate. But please don't 'have a drink have a drive' but feel free to 'go out and see what you can find'.