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Tuesday, 29 October 2013


We start with a little Clearwater Devon Darter and some Andwell Resolute Bitter. We also have Eden Cumbrian Black stout and Kirkby Lonsdale Singletrack. Next up Springhead Maid Marian, Arkwright's Trouble at Mill and Bowness Bay Swan Blonde.

We also have Old Rosie and Weston's Country Perry.

Now a tribute to the late, great Lou Reed:

Friday, 25 October 2013

The Snug Beer Festival-Carnforth Station

Please feel free to print and distribute posters/flyers.

Change Your Clocks!

Don't forget to turn your clocks back an hour Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Now then, the important stuff. Currently on the bar we have:

Clearwater-Devon Darter 4.5%
Eden-Dark Knight 4%
Bowness Bay-Mere Gold 3.8%
Andwell's Resolute Bitter 3.8%
Dark Horse-Hetton Pale Ale 4.2%

Next up will be Kirkby Lonsdale Singletrack, Eden Cumbrian Black and Marble Pint.

Good news  for all the Marble fans, we took delivery of a cask of Manchester Bitter ('brewed to Mancunian standards', I love their ditties on the pump clips) and a special cask of Farmhouse IPA at 7%. We now also have Marble Ginger 5.1 in bottles, a few bottles of Earl Grey IPA and a few of Bennett's Progress.

For those joining us on the Manchester trip on December 1st it's payment time. If we could have your tenners by the 1st November we would be most grateful. If anybody can no longer join us would you please let us know asap as we already have a reasonable reserve list.

As we will be launching The Snug Ukelele Club in January I thought the following highly appropriate:

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Snug Beer Festival-22 & 23 November 12-00 til 9-00pm

Plans for our first beer festival are advancing nicely. It will take place in The Snug and the Furness and Midland Hall at the station on Friday and Saturday from 12-00 until 9-00pm.

There will be 20 beers available in the hall and up to 10 in The Snug. In addition there will be 5 ciders, wine and soft drinks available. We are planning to have the full range of Marble beers in The Snug and are discussing with the brewery the possibility of a meet the brewer session some time on the Saturday.

Food will be available (9-00 til 5-00pm) in the Refreshment Rooms, with The Snug offering our usual range of beer soakers such as pork pie and cheese and crackers. After 5-00pm there will be a barbecue until 9-00pm.

Admission will be £4 which includes glass and programme. £2 will go to the Heritage Trust, a very worthy cause, and the other £2 will be refundable if you return your festival glass rather than keeping it. All beers will be £3 a pint, £1.50 a half and £1 a third. The festival glasses will be lined half pints with a third marked on them too. Pint glasses will also be available.

Posters and flyers should be ready this week. Please let us know if you could put a poster or two up and/or leave some flyers where people can take them.

Friday, 18 October 2013

The Snug Weekend Ales

This weekend we have Clearwater Devon Darter 4.5%, Adams Blockbuster Ales 4%, Arkwright's Two Hats 3.7%, Andwell King John 4.2% and Barngates Brathay Gold 4%.

Settling on the stillage we have Ulverston Harvest Moon, Marble Lagonda, Bowness Bay Mere Gold, Dark Horse Hetton Pale Ale and Andwell Resolute Bitter.

And now, in anticipation of Ulverston's offering next week:

Monday, 14 October 2013

Wednesday Is Quiz Night

We re-open tomorrow (Tuesday) with a little Winster Valley Brewery Old School, Bowness Bay Swan Black IPA, Clark's Traditional Bitter and Fell Brewery Robust Porter. Next up Andwell Brewery's King John all the way from Hampshire.

Then a little special one for our quiz night on Wednesday in aid of Help for Heroes. The quiz starts at 7-30pm and first prize is a pair of tickets for Stephen K Amos at the Lancaster Grand.

In case you're not sure who Stephen K Amos is here's a clip of him from 2007:

Friday, 11 October 2013

Weekend Beers and Other News

This weekend we have Bowness Bay Swan Black IPA, Mayfield Copper Fox, Allgates California, Winster Valley Old School and a little Towle's Gregory's Gold. Next up Fell Brewery Robust Porter.

We also have Weston's Old Rosie and the 4.8% Rosie Pig.

Plans for our first beer festival are advancing well and we are now selecting the beers. The dates are 22 and 23 November 12-00 til 10-00pm in The Snug and the Furness Hall at the Station Heritage Centre. More details soon.

As mentioned previously our trip to Manchester on 1 December sold out almost as quickly as Glastonbury. However please get in touch if you would like to go on the reserve list.

Finally please support our Help for Heroes quiz night on Wednesday (16 Oct) at 7-30pm. First prize two tickets to see Stephen K Amos at the Lancaster Grand.

Monday, 7 October 2013

It's Time For The Snug Beer Festival

November 22 and 23 12-00 until 10 00pm in the The Snug and the Furness Hall, Carnforth Station.

Help for Heroes Quiz Night

Our Help for Heroes quiz night will be held on Wednesday 16 October at 7 30pm.

First prize two tickets to see Stephen K Amos at the Grand Theatre, Lancaster.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Top Prize for Snug Quiz Night

We go into the weekend with a little Laughing Gravy from Ulverston Brewery. We also have the limited edition 7% IPA from Hawkshead, Heart of Gold from Oakleaf Brewery, Eden First Emperor and the Plum Porter from Titanic. Next up Bowness Bay Waterbird Wheat, Marble Pint then Gregory's Gold.

Our trip to Manchester on December 1st is now full. We have started a reserve list so please get in touch if you would like to be added to it in case of any withdrawals. There will be 65 on the trip and we know that not all will want to tour the Marble Brewery, if you do please let us know so we can give them an idea of numbers. The tour will be at 1-00pm.

On Wednesday 16th October at 7-30 we will be having a quiz night in support of Help for Heroes. The first prize will be two tickets to see Stephen K Amos at the Grand in Lancaster on Sunday 3 November.

Now then, there's a convoluted link between the beers above and this little number from Bob. A free pint for anybody who comes in today and has got it: