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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Beer Update

We have Bowness Bay Swan Black, Privateer Red Duke, Kirkby Lonsdale Doctors Orders and Bob's White Lion. Next up will be the 6.5% Hop Priest from Stringers and the Two Roses Black Beauty stout.

In other news, those kind chaps at Hawkshead will be delivering a limited edition 6% version of Cumbrian Five Hop later this week and some bottles of the NZPA.

And finally, having nothing to do with this post whatsoever but just because I like it, I give you Mr Bob Marley and an acoustic Redemption Song:


Friday, 26 April 2013

Weekend Beers for Heroes

Many thanks again to all who supported our quiz on Tuesday night, we raised  £115 in aid of Help for Heroes. Since we opened we have donated over £250 to St John's Hospice from the collecting tin on the bar and have a full one to be emptied and counted. Thanks to our customers for your continued generosity.

Today we start the weekend with a little Hawkshead NZPA, Eden Gold, Bowness Bay Swan Black and Dark Star Partridge. We will also be joined by the new brew from Privateer Brewery, their Red Duke. Not the Thin White Duke, that was David Bowie.

Limbering up on the stillage is a limited edition from Kirkby Lonsdale, Doctor's Orders and Bob's White Lion.

And finally:

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Happy St George's Day

Have a wonderful St George's Day and please don't forget our fundraising quiz at 7-30 tonight in aid of Help for Heroes.

We start today with Hawkshead NZPA, a little Reedley Hallows Monkholme Premium and a little Deeply Vale DV8. We will be joined by Dark Star Partridge at lunchtime with Bowness Bay Swan Black IPA and Eden Gold limbering up on the stillage awaiting the call.

Friday, 19 April 2013

St George's Day Update

In addition to our St George's Day fundraising quiz at 7 30 we will be donating 20p per pint sold to Help for Heroes, all day.

Hope you can join us.

Here Comes The Weekend-Beer Time!

Time seems to be flying and before we know it summer will be behind us. In fact if this year is anything like last year this week could have been the summer! But let's be positive and enjoy some good ale this weekend. here's what we are offering:

Reedley Hallows-Monkholme Premium. All the way from East Lancashire.
Deeply Vale-DV8. A lovely stout from a brewery near the black pudding mines of Bury.
Medieval-Chivalry. A fruity light beer from Nottingham.
Eden-Experiment 103. From up near Penrith. Worth experimenting with this one.
Old School Brewery-Hopscotch. OSB is so close it could have been rolled to us by Ren.

Please don't forget our St George's Day quiz on Tuesday at 7-30pm. All proceeds from the quiz, the sale of wrist bands and any other money making wheezes to go to Help for Heroes.

But for now, here comes the weekend!

Monday, 15 April 2013

St George's Day Quiz-Help for Heroes

On Tuesday April 23rd we will be having a fundraising quiz in aid of Help for Heroes. We will be starting the quiz at 7-30pm.

There will be a patriotic theme to the evening but the emphasis will be on having fun for a very worthy cause.

Hope you can join us.

Friday, 12 April 2013

The Beer, The Beer!

We have a wonderful selection of beers this weekend, including our first Geordie ale and a fantastic first from the Settle Brewing Company.

Joining us today is the Signal Light from Settle. Now I'm a lover of strong beers, but I have to say for a 3.4% this is a delicious light, fruity, thirst quencher of a beer. Trying it before it went on this morning I had to be very careful to only take a couple of mouthfuls and not go for the full pint. Well it was only 11 30am.

The new Spring from Marble is going down a storm, as every Marble beer does, and customers have been singing the praises of the Happy Valley Lazy Daze. What with Tyne Bank Monument Bitter all the way from Newcastle, and the last couple of pints of Quantum, it is a line up that would grace any bar in the country.

We maintain the standard with Titanic Plum Stout and another Marble, the fantastic Lagonda, limbering up to make an appearance soon.

Recently I finished off the weekend beer update with the wonderful Heaven from Talking Heads. This week I will scare you all with the possibility that there is no beer in heaven. Personally I don't believe that, which is why I have requested that I be buried with several bottles of Marble Decadence, just in case I have to bribe my way through the Pearly Gates. So, in the interests of balance, I give you a little polka called In Heaven There Is No Beer:

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Spring Is Here!

Today we have Marble Spring, a lovely, hoppy, golden bitter. We also have Tyne Bank Monumental Bitter, Happy Valley Lazy Daze and a little bit of Quantum American Amber.

Not forgetting Old Rosie Scrumpy and Ribble Valley Gold.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Beer Heaven

It's great being back on the road, even if only on light duties. Huge thanks to Mrs B and Mr B Senior for all their hard work during a really busy week.

Don't forget our presentation of the CAMRA Pub of the Year Award by Lunesdale CAMRA on Tuesday night (9th April), and our big patriotic quiz night on April 23rd in aid of Help for Heroes.

But more immediately we have to let you know what wonderful brews we are currently offering the discerning drinker. Here we go:

Bob's Brewing Co-Chardonnayle (not a lot, it's been very popular).
Kirkby Lonsdale-Old Tannery
Unsworth's Yard-Last Wolf
Nine Standards-Royal Standard
Deeply Vale-Still Walking.

There will be a couple of others joining us today, or tomorrow, but we will update the blog as that happens.

Last night there was an interesting debate in The Snug about religion, it was lively and passionate. My wish is that when the day comes I am buried with bottles of Marble Decadence in case I have to bribe St Peter at the Pearly Gates. But I hope that is a long, long way off yet. 

In the meantime hope you enjoy a little Heaven on earth from Talking Heads:

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Back Open!

Thankfully we will be open again today, 12-00 til 2-00 then 5-00 til 9-00. We will be offering:

Unsworth's Yard-Last Wolf
Old School-Textbook
Kirkby Lonsdale-Old Tannery
Worsthorne-Old Trout

Next up will be the following:

Nine Standards-Royal Standard
Quantum-American Amber
Deeply Vale-Still Walking
Bob's Brewing Co-Chardonnayle

In addition to Weston's Old Rosie we also have Ribble Valley Gold, a 6.2% medium dry cider from the Dove Syke Cider Company.