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Friday, 19 December 2014

Merry Christmas

As we are getting busier as Christmas approaches we would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year, just in case we don't get the chance to blog next week.

We are already taking bookings for our first outing of 2015 which is to Liverpool on March 1st. Over 30 seats have already been taken so please let us know if you would like to reserve a place. We are now fully booked for New Year's Eve too.

On the bar today we have:

Hawkshead IPA 7%
Fell Christmas Brown Ale 4.9%
Dark Star Hophead 3.8%
Marlpool Scratty Ratty 4.4%
Wentwell D5 5%

Original Cider Co Moonshine 7.5%
Westons Old Rosie 7.3%

We also have a wide selection of wines, three red, three white and a refreshing Prosecco. For the non-drinkers we have a wide range of soft drinks and complimentary tea or coffee for the drivers.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Back Home

We're back after a good few days of excess in London. Redemption is one of the top beers we tried, especially their Hopspur which is sold in north London, especially in the Tottenham area where we were. It's good to be back though.

We have very limited places left for our New Year's Eve ticket only bash. There is a £5 charge to cover the cost of nibbly things, cheese and pate. Please get in touch asap if you would like to join us.

Our next Snug outing will be on Sunday 1st March 2015. By popular demand we will be returning to Liverpool. There are so many good pubs that a return visit was inevitable.

The work to refurbish the toilets has now begun. The gents is being done now so there is one unisex toilet until that work is complete. Then work will start on the ladies. It will be a great improvement and we are grateful for your understanding and patience while the work is in progress.

So what's on the bar today? Here it is:

Kirkby Lonsdale-Jingling Lane 3.7%
Dark Star-Partridge 4%
Milestone-Rich Ruby 4.4%
Kirkby Lonsdale-Singletrack Black IPA 4%
Clark's-Victorious 4.4%

Next up will be Marble Lagonda IPA and then Bowland India Pale Ale.

If you're wondering about Christmas presents remember we have Snug gift vouchers in various denominations from £5 to £20.

Have a great weekend.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Beer and Cider

Here we are at the start of another weekend. Christmas is approaching and with it we have some lovely Christmas ales coming. This week we had Hawkshead's Jingle Fells, next week we will be offering Bowland's Fairy Ale of New York.

But today we have:

Kirkby Lonsdale-Tiffin Gold 3.6%
Barngates-Tag Lag 4.4%
Lymm-Lymm Dam Strong Ale 7.2% (but not a lot)
Chadwicks-Castle Mills Mild 3.6%
Hawkshead-NZPA 6%

Original Cider C0-Moonshine 7.5%
Westons-Old Rosie Scrumpy 7.3%

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Oh Manchester, so much to answer for!

It's hard to believe that the third Snug outing to the Manchester Christmas Markets has been and gone, and what a great day. In addition to the 55 or so on the coach from The Snug we met another dozen or so regulars who made their own way to the Marble Arch and Marble Brewery.

Yet again most of us didn't actually get to the markets, sampling the wares in the ever increasing decent ale pubs and bars in Town, mainly the 'Northern Quarter' or Ancoats if you're a traditionalist. A group did shop 'til they dropped and another group hit the champagne bar at Selfridges. Each to his own I say.

Monday was spent recovering. Thank you to all for a great day.

The Christmas lights are switched on  in Carnforth tonight and today's beer selection reflects that. We have:

Mordue-Oatmeal Stout 4.5%
Lymm-Lymm Dam Strong Ale 7.2%
Walls-Northallerton Best 4.4%
Hawkshead-Jingle Fells 4.5%

Original Cider Co-Moonshine 7.5%
Weston's-Old Rosie Scrumpy 7.3%

Due to ongoing tehnology problems I am unable to upload a video, which some may regret some may be relieved about.

Have a good week.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Beer of the Festival

The votes of attendees have been counted  and verified for the Beer of the Festival 2014.  And the top three beers are, in reverse order:

3rd Mordue-Northumbrian Blonde

2nd Wrekin-Give Yer 'Ead A Shake

1st Three Peaks Ingleborough Gold

Many congratulations to Colin and Andrew, two great chaps brewing great beer in the lovely town of Settle. Even better, they deliver their casks to The Snug by train. The first cask to empty was Marble Pint.

A big thank you to all who attended and voted.

Special thanks two all the brewers whose beers were enjoyed so much this year. The votes were very widespread, evidence of the quality beers we were able to offer customers.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Beers, Festivals and Thank Yous

A huge thank you to all who helped make this year's beer festival such a huge success, especially our hard working volunteers who manned the pumps,kept on top of the pots and helped clear up. You were all fantastic.

In addition to having a great time with some cracking beers and ciders, we also raised £836 for the Carnforth Station Trust from the entrance fee. In addition we raised £100 for Help for Heroes with The Snug Ukulele Group performing in public for the first time and what a success. Thanks to all those brave uke players who, despite severe nerves, got out there and played and sang their hearts out.

It would be wrong if I didn't say a very special thanks to Jules. In addition to holding down her 'proper' job she comes and works at The Snug, especially on Friday and Saturday nights, and does countless hours behind the scenes. She keeps on top of the accounts and other paperwork. Events  such as the festival, the trips out, indeed The Snug itself, wouldn't happen without her hard work and dedication. Thank you Jules.

Last words on the festival. Next year's will be 20/21 November. Get it in your diaries!

Here's what's on the bar today:

Sonnet 43-Blonde 4.1%
Dark Star-Revelation 5.7%
Deeply Vale-Deeply Red 4.2%
Big Hand-Little Yellow God 4%
Redwillow-Fathomless 5.2%

Original Cider Co-Moonshine 7.5%
Weston's-Old Rosie Scrumpy 7.3%

Those on the Manchester trip on Sunday need to be at The Snug for around 10-15am ready for a prompt 10-30 departure. We will be back around 9-00pm. The trip is fully booked so please only come along if you have booked a place.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Beer Festival

It's hard to believe it's almost a year since our first beer festival, and our second starts at 12 00 on Friday.

Friday and Saturday in The Snug and the Midland Hall in the heritage Centre we will be offering 30 beers and 5 ciders. Admission is £4 which is £2 for glass and programme and £2 goes to the funds of the Heritage Centre. Tokens and programmes on sale at the door of the Midland Hall where all drinks are on sale by token only, no cash. The Snug will be cash and tokens.

But as we prepare for the festival we have the following beers on the bar at present:

Stringers-Victoria 5.5%
Clark's-Must Dash 4.3%
Warwickshire-Darling Buds 4%
Boggart-Sundial 4.7%

Lilley's-Rum Cider 4%
Weston's-Old Rosie 7.3%

Next up Hawkshead-Cumbrian 5 Hop and Stringers-Plan B.

Hope to see you at the festival, if not before. In the meantime:

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Midweek Drinks

Just a reminder that for those who aren't beer drinkers we have a wide selection of wines, three red and three white with a lovely White Zinfandel and the iconic Mateus Rose. For non drinkers we have a full range of soft drinks, tea and coffee.

The Snug Ukulele Group have had our last gathering before our first public appearance, which will be at The Snug Beer Festival. We will be playing on the Saturday night, 22 November at 6-00pm in or near the main hall in the Heritage Centre. The first day of the festival is Friday 21 November, 12-00 til 9-00 both days.

Please Note: There will be no ukulele night in December. The next gathering in The Snug will be on Monday 12 January 2015.

So, here are the beers and ciders we are offering today:

Barngates-Brathay Gold 4%
Old School-Absent 5.5%
Mayflower-Lancashire Stout 4%
Naylors-Firkin Xxxtreme 7% (not a lot)
Hackney Brewery-Calypso Eldorado 4.6%

Lilley's-Rum Cider 4%
Weston's-Old Rosie 7.3%

Friday, 7 November 2014

Xxxtreme Beers for Weekend

The nights are drawing in and things are getting nice and cosy. So here's what we are offering the discerning drinker this Friday as we freewheel into the weekend:

Privateer-Roebuck 3.8%
Bowness Bay-Waterbird Wheat 4.5%
Dark Star-Hophead 3.8%
Naylors-Firkin Xxxtreme 7%
Fell-Smoked Porter 4.5%

Lilleys-Rum Cider 4%
Weston's-Old Rosie Scrumpy 7.3%

Next up will be Old School Absent and then Clarence and Frederick Croydon Wild Hop.

The Naylors 'Giggly Friday' beer is an absolute cracker but please treat it with the respect it deserves, we'd rather you walk than crawl when you leave us. So here we go with a little number from Inspiral Carpets:

Friday, 31 October 2014

Updates and Weekend Beers

Apologies if anybody has received a dodgy email from The Snug, my account was hacked earlier in the week. There are some very sad people about, and that's much milder than the language I used when I found out.

Don't forget the beer festival on 21 and 22 November, 12-00 til 9-00. Beers have been chosen, glasses ordered and programmes being printed. As last year entry will be £4 which is £2 for programme and glass and £2 donation to the Carnforth Station Trust. The festival starts with five Marble beers in The Snug and twenty five beers in the Furness and Midland Hall in the Heritage Centre. Beers in the hall will be bought by vouchers but cash will be accepted, as well as vouchers, in The Snug.

There will be a Meet the Brewer session with Stuart from Marble. We are still confirming day and time but it will likely be Friday evening when all the Marble beers will still be on. Watch this space.

So, what's on the bar today? Here  we go:

Liverpool Craft-West Coast Pale 6.2%
Boggart-Ray of Sunshine 3.9% (but not a lot)
OSB-Blackboard Mild 3.7%
Wrekin-Wellington Cobbler 4.4%
Kirkby Lonsdale-Radical 4.2%

Next up Bowness Bay-Swan Gold then Fell Brewery-Pills

Pure North-Valley Gold Cider 6%
Weston's-Old Rosie Scrumpy 7.3%

We had a great night on Tuesday at the Dukes Theatre,  Lancaster watching John Cooper Clarke. If you've never been fortunate enough here's a little taster:

Friday, 24 October 2014

On The Bar Today

We now have posters (A4 and A3) as well as flyers (A5) to promote our beer festival on 21/22 November, please feel free to take some if you have access to a helpful noticeboard and/or somewhere to leave a few flyers. Alternatively you can copy/download from the blog. Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated.

Today we kick off with a lot of strong stuff but a couple will go today to be replaced by lighter stuff, so don't panic, sometimes that's the way the croissant crumbles as the French say. So here we go:

Front Row-Collapsed 5.6% (but not a lot)
Double Top-Old Stonefaced Stout 6% (not a lot)
Bowness Bay-Friends 5.2%
Marble-Earl Grey 6.8%
Naylor's-Bitter 3.8%

Pure North-Valley Gold Cider 6%
Weston's-Old Rosie Scrumpy 7.3%

Next up Arbor-Beech Blonde, Fell-Progressive Pale

Now, continuing my 'tenuous link to shoe horn a good band in' habit I give you The Fall from 1981 live in New York:

Friday, 17 October 2014

The Snug Beer Festival

Plans are now almost finalised for our beer festival on Nov 21 and 22. We will have 30 beers and ciders in the Station Heritage Centre and start the weekend with 5 Marble beers in The Snug. This week has been great fun working through lists of breweries and tasting notes to make our selection. Kids in a sweet shop springs to mind.

On the Saturday we will be having a Meet the Brewer session in The Snug at 1-00pm with Stuart from Marble Brewery.  The bad news is that The Snug Ukulele Group will be making their first public appearance on the Saturday night, around 7-30 if we are all compos mentis!

Mike Dillon, the local CAMRA branch chairman is kindly organising volunteer pint pullers again but we are looking for volunteers to help in other ways. If you would like to help for an hour or two please get in touch.

Now here are the beers and ciders we are offering this weekend:

Marble-Lagonda IPA 5%
Clark's-Cambrai 4.2%
Tom Wood's-Bomber County 4.8%
Banks & Taylors-Extra Dry Stout 4.5%
Merrie City-Czechmate 4.1%

Pure North-Valley Gold Cider 6%
Weston's-Old Rosie 7.3%

Now then, on the festival theme the Move Festival at Old Trafford cricket ground was always one of my favourites having seen there, over the years Bowie, Suede, Divine Comedy and countless others. One 0f the best nights was Morrissey and here he is. A free pint tonight for the first person who spots Mrs B and I in the crowd and can describe where we were:

Friday, 3 October 2014

News and Beer Update

The Snug Ukulele Group are now gathering fortnightly in preparation for our debut at the Snug Beer Festival (Nov 21 and 22). Next thrash is Monday 13th October at 6-30pm.

We are currently offering the following beers, but there will be changes during today:

Bowness Bay-Swan Blonde 4%
Oakham-Kracken's Ink 6.8%
Harbour-Pale Ale 3.7%
Merrie City-Atlantic Hop 4%
East London-Pale Ale 4%

Pure North Valley Gold Cider 6%
Westons Old Rosie 7.3%

Next up includes: Thornbridge Kipling, Unsworth's Yard Crusader and Butcombe Crimson King.

But for now:


Friday, 26 September 2014

Something for the Weekend?

Thank you to all for a cracking trip last weekend, I think it is generally felt to be one of our best trips yet. Special thanks to all at the Prince of Wales, Foxfield and all at Unsworth's Yard in Cartmel.

Our pre-Christmas trip to the Christmas Markets in Manchester and the Marble Brewery/Marble Arch is now fully booked. We have started a reserve list in case of any cancellations so please get in touch to join that list.

We are mulling over some exciting ideas for trips in 2015, including a possible jolly to a Belgian beer festival. Watch this space!

But for now what are we offering the discerning drinker as we jog into the weekend? Here goes:

Bristol Beer Factory-Sunrise 4.4%
Big Clock-Pals Blonde 4%
Clark's-Grounded 4%
Fell-AAA 4.4%
Kirkby Lonsdale-Jubilee Stout 5.5%

Pure North-Valley Gold Cider 6%
Weston's-Old Rosie Scrumpy 7.3%

Next up Harbour Amber Ale, Marble Pint and Hawkshead Green IPA.

In preparation for our Manchester trip I give you Manchester's finest:

Friday, 19 September 2014

Weekend Beers, The Good Beer Guide and Stuff

The really good news is that we are in the 2015 Good Beer Guide. Thank you to all who have helped us get in the guide for the second consecutive year.

Let's hope this weather continues over the weekend for our Sunday jolly to Foxfield and Cartmel.  Still a few seats left on the charabanc which is leaving at 10-45am returning around 7-30pm. Get in touch asap if you would like to join us.

Due to demand we have opened bookings for our Christmas jaunt to the Manchester Christmas Markets, the Marble Arch and other real ale pubs. Cost will be £12 departing around 10 30am back about 8 00pm on Sunday 30 November. The coach is booking up fast so again, please get in touch if you would like to join us.

Here now are the beers and ciders we are offering as we meander into the weekend:

Marble Manchester Bitter 4.2%
Wall's Uncle Sam's IPA 5%
Front Row-Touch 4%
Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout 4.5%
Keswick Thirst Fall 4.8%

Weston's Family Reserve Cider 5%
Weston's Old Rosie Scrumpy 7.3%

Next up Eden Fuggle, Barngates Brathay Gold and Oakham Citra.

Now for a little treat. A cracking film from April 1978. The sentiments are as relevant today as they were then. Will the chaos ever end?

Friday, 12 September 2014

Beer and Stuff

Here we are, at the start of another weekend. Where does the time go?

Now then, we have our trip to the Prince of Wales at Foxfield and Cartmel next Sunday (21st). Leaving The Snug at 10 45am due back about 7-30pm. There are still some places left and the cost is £10 per person. We are now also taking bookings for our trip to the Manchester Christmas Markets, the Marble Arch and the many other real ale pubs in Manchester. We will be going on Sunday November 30th, timings roughly as above and cost will be about £12 per person. Please get in touch if you would like to book your place.

We now have 15 teams in The Snug Fantasy Football League. It's only £5 to enter and proceeds will be split between the winner and Help for Heroes. The league starts tomorrow so join up today, don't delay. Details of how to join are on the Thursday 28 August post.

On the bar today we have:

Barngates Pale 3.3%
Fell Robust Porter 4.8%
Plain Ales Sheep Dip 3.8%
Great Orme Great Welsh 5%
Growler Lemonhead 4.1%

Westons Family Reserve Cider 5%
Westons Old Rosie Scrumpy 7.3%

Next up Marble-Beermoth IPA 7.2%

Now here's a little treat to ease you into weekend. Paloma Faith singing Stone Cold Sober:

Friday, 5 September 2014

Beer, Outings and Fantasy Football

We still have seats on our charabanc trip to the Prince of Wales, Foxfield and Cartmel on Sunday 21 September. Get in touch asap if you would like to join us, departing about 11 00am, back about 7 00pm at £10 pp.

We now have several teams in our Snug Fantasy Football League. £5 to enter and the money will be split between the winners and Help for Heroes. Details of how to join us are on the blog post below. Payment over the bar please.

Monday night (8 Sep) is ukulele night. Starting at 6 30 and admission is strictly by ukulele only.

Well, here we are hurtling into another weekend. Below are the delights on the bar today:

Naylor's-Wilkie's Wobbler 5% (but not a lot)
Kirkby Lonsdale-Ruskin's 3.9%
Bowness Bay-Swan Black IPA 4.6%
Boggart-Cascade 4%
Marble-Earl Grey IPA 6.8%

Weston's  Family Reserve 5%
Weston's Old Rosie 7.3%

Next up Fell Brewery Progressive Pale Lite and Ulverston Fra Diavolo.

The Snug Beer Festival will be on 21 and 22 November this and our provisional date for the Manchester Christmas Markets and Real Ale Pubs trip is 30 November. More details soon.

Have a good weekend. Start it with a bit of Lou Reed:

Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Snug Fantasy Football League

Join in the friendly and competitive fun of The Snug's Fantasy Football League. Although the season has already started, the League will not start to record points until Game Week 4 (13th September), so make sure that you have registered before that date.
To join, simply follow these instructions:
Go to and click on the register/sign up now button. Fill in your profile details.
Next, click on the Fantasy Premier League window then select the Pick Team tab.This is where the fun begins for those who want to tinker endlessly with squads and formations.It is pretty useful at this stage to read the rules! For those who can't be arsed/know nothing simply select Autocomplete and your squad will be selected for you. Make sure that you select a captain/vice captain then click Confirm Your Team.You are now registered and will immediately begin to score points in the National/World leagues.
In order to join The Snug Private League, click on the grey Leagues tab towards the top of the page. Click on Join a League then Private League and enter the following code:


Entry Fee = £5.00 (payable to Gregg or Julie). The winner will take 40%, second place will get 20%, third will get 10% and the remaining 30% will be donated to Help the Heroes. You can play for free, but will be excluded from the prize money - obviously!
In addition to the prize money, the winner will also receive the highly coveted Snug Fantasy Football Championship trophy!

Friday, 8 August 2014

Belgian Beer and Help for Heroes

Well, our second birthday on August 1st went with a bang, we never thought we had so any classically trained singers coming in, so many stars! The collecting tin on the bar has now been emptied and another £180 is winging its way to Help for Heroes. Thank you to all.

We now have ten of our soon to be twelve range of Belgian beers in stock, already so popular that we have had to re-order four already. If you're wondering two cases of the twelve were damaged in transit and are expected in stock very soon. Our range of bottles from the Stone Brewing Co in San Diego should be with us very soon.

We start this weekend with the following cask ales and ciders:

Marlpool-Classic Bitter 4.8%
OSB-Headmaster 4.5%
Kirkby Lonsdale-Jubilee Stout 5.5%
Fell-Progressive Pale 5.1%
Kirkby Lonsdale-Tiffin Gold 3.6%

Weston's Old Rosie 7.3%
Weston's Rosie Pig 4.8%

Bookings for our 21st September trip to the Prince of Wales at Foxfield and on to Cartmel are coming in thick and fast. There are still places left at £10pp but suggest booking soon to ensure a seat. Our trip to the Marble Arch and the Manchester Christmas Markets will be on 30 November this year. Details soon.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Heatwave-Have A Drink!

On this hot and sunny start to the weekend we have some lovely light ale to tempt you, not to mention the return of the tasty Boggart Rum Porter. We also have our Old Rosie Scrumpy and a cider perry blend, not to mention our range of wines and soft drinks.

So, here are the details:

Boggart-Rum Porter 4.6%
Marble-Dobber 5.9%
Rooster's-Buckeye 3.5%
SevernVale-Nibbly Ale 3.8%
Borough-Halcyon/Cascade Pale 4%

Weston's Old Rosie 7.3%
Lilley's Crazy Goat 6.8%

In the meantime I am unable to embed videos, don't know whether it's me, the new kit or Windows 8, but that's the situation. So I recommend you pop over to Youtube and have a decko at John Cale singing Dying on the Vine. Sublime.

Friday, 18 July 2014

So, Scorchio Means Overcast and Windy!

On this grey and windy start to the weekend we have on t'bar:

Marble-Earl Grey IPA 6.8%
Blackjack-Beginners Luck 5%
Ulverston-Laughing Gravy 4%
Borough Pale 3.7%
Fell-Robust Porter 4.8%

Gwynt y Ddraig-Two Trees Perry 4.5%
Weston's-Old Rosie Scrumpy 7.3%

Our next Snug outing is on September 21st and we will be off to the Prince of Wales at Foxfield (no trains there on a Sunday) and Cartmel. Already half the seats on the coach are booked so please get in touch asap if you would like to join us.

Hope you can join us this weekend, especially if you are in the area for the Hawkshead Beer Festival. In the meantime, for those in the ukulele group who haven' heard it before, and for those who just like The Clash, London's Calling:

Friday, 11 July 2014

We're Back!

Profound apologies, due to technological meltdown we have been unable to blog for the last couple of weeks. But, for good or ill, we are back.

Bookings are now coming in for our trip on Sunday 21 September. We will leave The Snug around 10.45 heading to visit our friends at the Prince of Wales, Foxfield. From there we will meander to Cartmel, a treat for lovers of food and drink and the home of Unsworth's Yard Brewery. Price is £12 per person, a right bargain.

Our second birthday is on 1 August. We are still finalising details but it will certainly involve cheese and port.

So, here's what's on the bar today:

Conwy-Honey Fare
Milk Street-Ra
Titanic-Cherry Dark

Gwynt y Ddraig-Two Trees Perry
Weston's-Old Rosie Scrumpy

We now also have prosecco in stock, by the bottle. Bottled beers are currently from Marble, Hardknott and Brewdog. Coming soon a range of 12 Belgian beers and 9 from Stone Brewing Co, San Diego.

This one's for Flo and Stephen who called in yesterday and are visiting from Belize:

Friday, 27 June 2014

Snug Outing and Beer

The next Snug outing will be on Sunday 21st September, leaving The Snug around 10 30am/11 00am returning around 7 00pm. Exact itinerary to be confirmed but it will be two locations around Ulverston/Foxfield/Staveley/Cartmel. Cost will be around £10pp.

The Christmas outing will probably be on Sunday 30 November, again to the Marble Arch and the Manchester Christmas Markets. Worth pencilling in the diary now, confirmation soon.

Our second birthday is on August 1st, which is a Friday this year. Plans are being firmed up for some fun that night and throughout July we will be putting some of our beers from the very early days back on the bar.

But what's on the bar this weekend I hear you ask. Here it is:

OSB-Class of '66 3.9%
Milestone-Loxley 4.2%
Abbeydale-Absolution 5.3%
Eden-Antifreeze (not a lot) 5.3%
Hawkshead-Bitter (not a lot) 3.7%

Weston's Old Rosie 7.3%
Gwynt y Ddraig Two trees Perry 4.5%

Next up Milestone Black Pearl stout and Hawkshead NZPA.

Hope to see you over the weekend. In the meantime John Entwistle died on this day in 2002, here's a tribute:

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

England's Coming home!

Well, I wish I'd not bothered wasting my time watching England last night. But at least it's over again,  until 2016 when the torture may start again, assuming we qualify that is. Thankfully the headlines are all about 'el Canibal' and not England sneaking onto the homeward bound plane.

So, on the bar this Wednesday we have:

Milestone-Loxley Ale 4.2%
Hawkshead-Bitter 3.7%
Eden-Antifreeze 5.3%
Fell-Tinderbox 6.3%
Ulverston-Fra Diavolo 4.3%

Gwynt y Ddraig-Two Trees Perry 4.5%
Weston's-Old Rosie 7.3%

In the meantime, some cheesy 80s pop:

Friday, 20 June 2014

Weekend-Time for a Drink!

Apart from last night I hope you've had a good week and are now easing gently into the weekend.

We are having to rethink the date for our next Snug outing as a few of us are away second weekend in September at the Grand Northern Ukulele Festival in Huddersfield. Will let you know new date and destination(s) asap. Staveley and Cartmel have been suggested by a few people, any other ides welcome.

So on the bar today we have:

Arbor-Yakima Valley 7%
Liverpool Craft-Hop Beast 4%
Fell-Tinderbox IPA 6.3%
Ulverston-Fra Diavolo 4.3%
Fell-AAA 4.4%

Weston's Old Rosie 7.3%
Bristol Port Cider 5%

But now, Dance With The Devil from 1973:

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

We're Home!

Why does the fortnight you're away on holiday happen in some kind of parallel time zone that means you seem to be back the day after you went? Having said that we had a wonderful break train hopping our way to Serbia, where the hospitality of our hosts was absolutely world class. Budapest and Munich weren't half bad either. So here we are, back home and blogging again. Must admit, we both missed The Snug while we were away, nice to see our pals/customers again.

Now then, if you look in the right side bar you will see our Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor. It seems a long, long time since we nervously checked our first Trip Advisor review and here we are, approaching our second birthday, with that certificate on our wall and the Lunesdale CAMRA Pub of the Year 2013 award also on our wall. Many thanks to all who have taken time and trouble to vote for us or post a review, it really is appreciated by us both.

So, with a huge thank you to the girls for doing such a great job while we were away, here is what we have to offer the discerning drinker today:

Marble-Dobber 5%
Coastal-Poseidon  4%
Kirkby Lonsdale-Single Track 4%
Borough-Summertime Dark 4%
Fell-AAA 4.4%

Bristol Port Cider 5%
Weston's old Rosie 7.3%

Now time for some music. I usually try and pick some music that has some kind of a link, often very tenuous so I can squeeze my favourites in, to the beer we have on, but today it's a bit different. Ceca is one of my favourites so I am bunging Pila on as a thank you to Slobodan, Nada and Grandma for their warm hospitality, not to mention Mike and Marina. Zivela Srbija!

Friday, 23 May 2014

Snug Update

Thanks to all for  a great Snug outing to the East Lancs Railway on Sunday. 44 of us took a charabanc to Bury and enjoyed great trains, great beer, great weather and great company. Next outing provisionally set for Sunday 7th September. Suggestions welcome.

The next Snug Ukelele Group gathering has had to be moved to the THIRD Monday which is June 16th at 6-30pm. Admission strictly by ukelele only!

Now then, what's on the bar as we enter the weekend? Here we go:

Nottingham Brewery-Legend 4%
Winster Valley-Best Bitter 3.7%
Stringers-No 2 Stout 4%
Potbelly-Hop Trotter 4.1%
Stamps-The Russian 4.2%

Westons Old Rosie 7.3%
Gwynt y Ddraig Mole Catcher Cider 5%

Next up will be Teignworthy-Spring Tide, Nottingham Brewery Extra Pale Ale and Hawkshead Iti NZPA.

For now, hope you enjoy the following:

Friday, 16 May 2014

Lovely Weekend-Lovely Beer

The forecast is for a cracking weekend, so quench that thirst with some lovely ales or, if you prefer, wine or cider. Not forgetting quality soft drinks for the drivers.

So, we hurtle into this weekend with the following:

Stamps-Blond Moment 3.6%
Geltsdale-Tarn 4%
Batemans-Yella Belly Gold 3.9%
New Plassey-Plasssey IPA 4.6%
Teignworthy-Neap Tide 3.8%

Weston's Old Rosie Scrumpy 7.3%
Gwynt y Ddraig Mole Catcher Farmhouse Cider 5%

Now a few parish notices. We still have a few places on our trip to the East Lancs Railway and good pubs this Sunday. Charabanc departs 10-30 returns around 7-30. £10pp.

Because of the trip there will be no badminton club this Sunday. If you fancy a game next Sunday please get in touch for details.

The June gathering of the Snug Ukulele Group  has had to be moved to the third Monday, which is 16th June, at 6-30pm. Admission strictly by ukulele only!

Take it away Debbie!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Beer Update-At Last!

Been  while since we popped an update on here, apologies but we've had a trip to Belgium and have been playing catch up with a few things since our return. If you're ever in Ieper (Ypres), as well as the Menin Gate, you really must visit De Hopperei on Diksmuidestraat. A wonderful bar with 7 draught beers and 350 bottled beers. Maybe a Snug outing next year?!!

Anyway enough, what's on the bar at the moment. We have:

Three Peaks-Pen y Gent 3.8%
Potbelly-Beijing Black 4.4%
Lymestone-Stonefaced 4%
Clark's-Tommy Gun 4.3% (WW1 commemorative brew)
Teignworthy-Neap Tide 3.8%

Weston's old Rosie 7.3%

In other news we will be introducing a new cider, new to us, from Gwent y Ddraig tomorrow. In July we are expecting a delivery of beers from the Stone Brewing Co in San Diego. Watch this space for news on this and other bottled beer developments.

For now:

Friday, 2 May 2014

Weekend Ales

We go into the weekend with Marble Spring (4.6%), Flipside Stirling Pale (3.9%), XT Brewing XPA (5.9%), Marlpool Brennan's Best (4%) and Fell Robust Porter (4.8%).

We also have Weston's Old Rosie (7.3%) and Gwynt y Ddraig Two Trees Perry (4.5%).

There are still a few places on the trip to the East Lancs Railway and pubs on May 18th. Please get in touch if you want to join us, £10pp leaving at 10-30am due back about 7-30.

Now, without over egging it, time for some XTC. Get it?

Friday, 25 April 2014

Beer and the East Lancs Railway

Many thanks to all who helped make our St George's Day fundraising quiz for Help for Heroes such a great success. Special thanks to Vicky and Liz (aka Sue!) for creating such an entertaining and original quiz and to Mike R for his wonderful Manchester Eggs and the rest of the buffet. Thanks also to Mike B for donating his framed pump clips and Lorraine for donating ear rings, both for the raffle. As soon as all the money has been counted we will let you know the total raised.

Our next jolly is on Sunday May 18th to the East Lancs Railway. As well as steam trains and diesel locos running from Heywood to Rawstenstall there are some cracking real ale pubs on stations or within a couple of minutes walk of stations. There is also the Irwell Works Brewery tap at Ramsbottom and the Phoenix Brewery at Heywood, not to mention the Trackside Bar at Bury station and the Buffer Stop at Rawtenstall station. Cost is £10pp and the coach leaves The Snug at 10-30am due back around 7-30pm.

Now then, parish notices over here's what's on as we start the weekend:

Bowness Bay-Swan Black IPA (4.6%)
Eden-First Emperor (4.4%)
Fell-Smoked Porter (4.3%)
Old School-Caretaker (3.6%)
Marble-Dobber (5.9%)

Gwynt-y-Ddraig-Two Trees Perry (4.5%)
Weston's-Old Rosie (7.3%) 

The only constant on the bar since we opened on August 1st 2012 has been Weston's Old Rosie, other drinks have come and gone. So this one is dedicated to Old Rosie:

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

St George's Day Help for Heroes Quiz

Tomorrow at 7-00pm we have our annual St George's Day quiz in aid of Help for Heroes Lots of prizes and a good night should be had by all for a great cause.

On the bar today we start with Bowness Bay Swan Black IPA, Titanic Plum Porter, Liverpool Craft American Red and Wentwell's Justice for Gingers.

For cider drinkers we have Weston's Old Rosie and Lilley's Merry Monkey.
Next up Kirkby Lonsdale Singletrack and Blackjack Shuffled Deck.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Meet the Brewer-Fell Brewery

Tomorrow night (April 8) we have our first 'Meet the Brewer' evening when we will be showcasing the beers from Fell Brewery:

Tinderbox IPA
Robust Porter
Progressive Pale
Wild Boar Blonde
Patriot Wheat (bottled)

The lads will be joining us from 7-00pm to enlighten us and answer any questions you may have about beer and the Fell Brewery.

See you all at tomorrow's party!

Friday, 4 April 2014

Beer, Fell Brewery and the East Lancs Railway.

Another week nearer to summer and we have a delightful selection of beer to offer our customers. We still have a little Fra Diavolo (4.3%) from Ulverston and Naked Ladies (4.4%) from Twickenham Brewery. Stop sniggering at the back! We have Liverpool Craft Brewery IPA (5%) and Deeply Vale Golden Vale (4.2%). We also have Reedley Hallows Nook of Pendle (5%)

For cider drinkers we have Weston's Old Rosie (7.3%) and Lilley's Merry Monkey scrumpy (4.5%).

Next up Kirkby Lonsdale's Singletrack Black.

On Tuesday (8th April) we have our first meet the brewer evening when we will be showcasing the beers from Fell Brewery in Flookburgh. The brewers, Andrew and Tim, will be joining us at 7-00pm to tell us a little about their beers and the brewery. We will be keeping the event nice and informal so that there will be plenty of time to chat with the lads and ask any questions about the brewery or brewing in general. Hope you can join us.

At 7-00pm on 23 April we will be holding our St George's Day quiz in aid of Help for Heroes. A great night for a great cause. Only £5 per team and there will be a raffle with some wonderful prizes.

The next Snug outing will be on Sunday May 18 to the East Lancs Railway. We will be leaving The Snug at 10-30am due back around 7-30pm. In addition to the wonderful railway there are numerous attractive real ale pubs along the line, not least the Irwell Works brewery tap at Ramsbottom. Cost is a mere £10pp, payable when booking (non refundable).

Have a great weekend, not a lost one.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

What's On and Sunday Opening

We start the week this lunchtime with Clark's Heroes, Ulverston Fra Diavolo, Old School Report and a little Long Man Long Blonde. Next up will be Hawkshead The Illusionist, a collaboration with Magic Rock and Twickenham Naked Ladies.

Having been open on Sunday for a month now we have reviewed our Sunday hours and will be opening a little later at 12 30pm, staying open until 3 00pm from next Sunday.

A week today (April 8) we have our meet the brewer evening with the lads from Fell Brewery. Kick off at 7 00pm.

On April 23 we have our St George's Day quiz in aid of Help for Heroes. 7 00pm start and £5 per team.

The next Snug outing will be on Sunday May 18 to the East Lancs Railway and local pubs, including Irwell Works brewery tap and the Trackside Bar at Bury. Cost around £10, to be confirmed, payment needed when booking.

Friday, 28 March 2014

The Earl Is Back And Other Beers

Been a very busy week so apologies for lateness of the blog update.

We hit the weekend with the return of the very popular Marble Earl Grey IPA (6.8%). We also have the ever popular Titanic Plum Porter (4.9%).

There is Old School's new amber ale, Report (4.3%), Penpont Creation, a lovely Cornish pale ale (4.2%) and a little Whale Ale Ruby Moby (4%).

Next up Clark's Heroes, and then Marble Pint.

Time for some classic pop then:

Friday, 21 March 2014

Beers and a Film!

This weekend we kick off with Andrew's Ales Supus Lupus 3.6%, Irwell Works' Costa del Salford 4.1%, Mayflower Douglas Valley 4%, Nine Standards Gold Standard 4.1% and Hawkshead Dry Stone Stout 4.5%.

We also have Weston's Old Rosie 7.3% and Gwynt y Ddraig Two Trees Perry 4.5%.

Next up  will be Marble Lagonda and Bank Top Gold Digger then Privateer Dainty Blonde.

Remember, we have a Meet the Brewer with the lads from Fell Brewery at 7-00pm on Tuesday 8 April  and our Help for Heroes fundraising quiz on St George's Day.

Now, sit back and enjoy the main feature:

Friday, 14 March 2014

Beer Today

Happy weekend playmates.

I would like to reassure you that The Snug is a St Patrick's Day free zone. If you want that nonsense maybe a fake Irish pub would be more your thing, but we prefer to visit an Irish pub when we go to Ireland.

Before we let you know what beers we will be offering this weekend a couple of reminders.

On Tuesday April 8th we have our first 'Meet the Brewer' evening. Kicking off at 7-00pm we will be showcasing the beers from the Fell Brewery and the brewers Tim and Andrew will be joining us.

On St George's Day we will be holding our annual fundraising quiz for Help for Heroes. Starting at 7-00pm all are welcome and entry is a mere £5 per team.

Today we are offering:

Titanic Stout 4.5%
Deeply Vale Citra Storm 4%
Worsthorne Old Trout 4.5%
Fell Brewery AAA 4.5%
Bowness Bay Waterbird Wheat 4.5%
Weston's Old Rosie 7.3%
Gwynt y Ddraig Two Trees Perry 4.5%

Coming soon Hardknott Katalyst, Hawkshead IPA and many more.

And now for something from the man who looks more like my Uncle Alf every day:

Thursday, 6 March 2014

What's On Then?

Our first Sunday lunchtime was a treat with some new faces and plenty of regulars, a great atmosphere and we all had a great time. Looking forward to this Sunday now when we will be welcoming, amongst others, a group from Settle including Andrew who is brewer at Three Peaks and his dad Eddie who, like me, is an Old Xaverian.

But enough, you want to know what's on the bar as we slide into the weekend. Well we have:

Three Peaks-Whernside Pale Ale (4.2%)
Fell Brewery-Progressive Pale (5.1%)
Borough-Wintertime Dark (5%)
Arundel-Castle Tawny Bitter (3.8%)
Bowness Bay-Teal Tipple (3.6%)
Gwatkins No Bull Farmhouse Cider (4.5%)
Westons Old Rosie Scrumpy (7.3%)

Next up will be Marble Earl Grey (6.8%) then Dunscar Bridge Clockin' Off (4.2%)

On Tuesday 8 April at 7-00pm we will be having our first Meet the Brewer Evening when we will be joined by the lads from Fell Brewery in Flookburgh. Come along for an entertaining and informative evening with some fine ales too.

On Wednesday 23 April at 7-00pm we will be having our annual St George's Day Quiz in aid of Help for Heroes. There will be lots of fun, prizes and a raffle. Entry £5 per team.

So, until the wonderful Earl Grey joins us hope you enjoy this:

Friday, 28 February 2014

Barngate's Tunneller's Mild and More

We hurtle into the weekend with Barngate's new one, Tunneller's Dark Mild, and a cracker it is too. We also have the smoky Lancashire Stout from Mayflower Brewery.

On the lighter side we have  Clark's Flight, Kirkby Lonsdale Tiffin Gold and Mordue Workie Ticket.

Next up will be Mordue Northumberland Blonde, Titanic Iceberg and Lincoln Green Sherwood EPA.

For the cider drinkers we have Old Rosie and Gwatkins No Bull.

From this weekend we will be opening Sunday lunchtime from 12-00 until 2-00pm.

Now, do you remember....

Friday, 21 February 2014

Sunday Opening

It was the first Sunday in March 2012 when we first read about micropubs, it was an article in the Sunday Times largely featuring Martin Hillyer's Butcher's Arms in Herne, Kent, the original micropub.

We immediately knew that the micropub was the way forward and we opened on August 1st 2012 after visiting Just Beer in Newark, the Rat Race Alehouse at Hartlepool Station and the Conqueror in Ramsgate.

To mark that second anniversary we have decided to start opening on Sunday lunchtime from the first Sunday in March, which is March 2nd, from 12 00 until 2 00pm.

But for now, as we roll into the weekend, we are offering: Mordue-Workie Ticket (4.5%), Clark's- Flight (4%), Dunscar Bridge-Northern Sky (3.7%), Bowness Bay-Swan Black and Borough-Ruby Dark (4%). We also have Old Rosie (7.3%) and Gwatkins No Bull (4.5%).

Due to cancellations there are a couple of places available on the trip to Liverpool on Sunday. First come first served.

In other news we will be having a 'Meet the Brewer' event on Tuesday 8th April starting at 7-00pm. We will be showcasing the beers from Fell Brewery, Flookburgh and Andrew and Tim will be joining us to talk about their enterprise and answer any questions. Hope you can join us.

But for now:


Friday, 14 February 2014

The Beer, The Beer!

The Dark and Winter Ales Festival is over and we had some wonderful dark beers from Marble, Titanic, Ulverston and Kirkby Lonsdale breweries. Many thanks to the brewers and the customers who helped make the festival such a success.

But fear not dark beer lovers, we start the weekend with the delicious Barngate's Goodhew's Dry Stout. We still have a little Clark's Trench but not a lot.

On the lighter side we have Clark's Westgate Gold. Blakemere Navajo and Northumberland Snow Storm.

We also have Old Rosie scrumpy (7.3%) and Gwatkins No Bull (4.5%).

Due to illness we have had a couple of cancellations for the Liverpool trip. please get in touch asap if you would like to join us on Sunday 23 February.

Oh aye, it's today, so Happy Valentine's Day:

Friday, 7 February 2014

Dark and Winter Ales, and Some Lighter Ones!

Many thanks to Tim at the White Cross in Lancaster for hosting the launch of Lunesdale CAMRA's Dark and Winter Ales Festival on Monday night. It was great to catch up with pals from Old School, Kirkby Lonsdale, Hardknott and Hawkshead breweries as well as the local CAMRA members. A fine night was had by all.

So what do we have to offer the discerning drinker this weekend? We still have a little Titanic Plum Porter (4.9%) and Marble Stouter Stout (4.7%). On the lighter side we have Bowness Bay Swan Blonde (4%) and Liverpool Craft Brew Co's IPA (5%). And, as part of their commemoration of the First World War, we have Clark's Trench (3.6%), a chestnut mild.

Next up will be Marble Pint (3.9%) and the wonderful Kirkby Lonsdale Bantam '74 (9%).

Ukelele players please remember 6-30pm on Monday.

And finally. A free pint for the first person to come into The Snug and tell me the link(s) to the following hit from the 1970s:

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Dark and Winter Ales Festival-Lunesdale CAMRA

Tomorrow is the start of Lunesdale CAMRA's Dark and Winter Ales Festival. Pubs throughout the branch area will be having stouts, porters, milds and dark ales on. All the pubs involved, and the ales they will be showcasing, are on the Lunesdale CAMRA website .

There will be an official launch and meet the brewer event tomorrow at the White Cross with a 7-30pm kick off. All are welcome.

We will be fully participating. When we reopen on Tuesday we will be offering Marble Stouter Stout and Titanic Plum Porter. In the wings we have dark ales from Barngates, Ulverston and the Borough Brewery. Next weekend we will finish the week off with a mighty bang when we introduce Kirkby Lonsdale's Bantam '74, an Imperial Stout at 9%.

But if you are a light beer fan don't panic, you won't be neglected. We will also have Nine Standards Royal Standard (5%), Fell Tinderbox IPA (6.3%) and Dunscar Bridge Rialto 47 (3.9%). Other light beers will be joining us as the week progresses including our first from Cheshire's Blakemere Brewery.

Might see you at the White Cross tomorrow night, if not hopefully you will join us at The Snug for some wonderful dark ales during the week.

In the meantime:

Friday, 31 January 2014

What's On?

We cruise into the weekend with our first beer from Three Peaks Brewery in Settle, we have their 4% Ingleborough Gold on the bar. There is Hawkshead NZPA (6%), Nine Standards Royal Standard (5%), OSB Blackboard (3.7%) and Clark's Classic Blonde (3.9%).

Next up we have Dunscar Bridge Rialto 47 (3.9%) and Fell Tinderbox IPA (6.3%).

Next week sees Lunesdale CAMRA's Dark and Winter Ales Festival. We will be offering Marble Stouter Stout and Titanic Plum Porter. The festival takes place in pubs throughout the branch area, to find out more click on The Dark and Winter Ales Festival .

We are also fortunate to have taken delivery of a 9% Imperial Stout from Kirkby Lonsdale, their Bantam 74. Keep an eye on the blog to find out when you can try a cracking brewery's latest offering.

We have now launched our loyalty card scheme. Each pint bought on Tuesday and Wednesday (both sessions) and Thursday (lunchtime session) earn points. Nine pints earn nine points and a free pint.

Finally, it's Lloyd Cole's birthday so...

Thursday, 30 January 2014

BBC Radio Lancashire

Ukelele Kris, who is leading our ukulele group, will be appearing on BBC Radio Lancashire tomorrow, Friday, between 12:00 and 2:00pm. He will be talking about the boom in popularity of the uke and I think giving the Director General a lesson! The primary focus is on his Preston Ukelele Group but is hoping to get a plug for our group too.

Just a quick reminder that our next ukulele group gathering is at 6:30pm on Monday 10 February. Admission by ukulele only!

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Beer and Black Pudding Crisps

We have been having a few technical problems which we hope have now been resolved. So here goes.

We are currently offering Hawkshead NZPA (6%), Old School Brewery Blackboard (3.7%), Clarks Classic Blonde (3.9%) and Newby Wyke Brewery Banquo (3.8%)

Weston's Old Rosie scrumpy (7.3%) makes a welcome return and we have Gwatkins No Bull farmhouse cider (4.5%).

Tonight we will be offering, for the first time, Fiddlers Black Pudding and Mustard flavoured crisps. Can't wait to try them!
But now, some classic Blondie:

Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Snug Loyalty Card

Tonight we will be launching The Snug's own loyalty card. Buy 9 pints get the 10th pint free. Just ask for a card at the bar.

If you want to start filling your card tonight we have:

Eden Fuggle 3.8%
Cumberland Corby Fox 4.2%
Privateer Bonaventure 4%
Itchen Valley Hampshire Rose 4.2%
Sadlers Mud City Stout 6.6%

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Beer For January 21st

We start the week with Privateer Bonaventure, Titanic Plum Porter, Cumberland Corby Fox, RCH East Street and Osset Pale Gold.

There are only a few places left on our 23 February trip to Liverpool, so get in touch asap if you want to join us on our real ale tour.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Help for Heroes

Another £320-50 winging its way to Help for Heroes. £100 was raised with the raffle on New Year's Eve, the rest was in the collecting tin. Over £1000 now raised since April 23rd.

Many, many thanks to all especially Wigan Bob The Pieman.

Empty collecting tin back on the bar ready for filling again.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Beer and a General Update

We go into the weekend with Kirkby Lonsdale Cherkeby, Bowness Bay Swan Black, Borough Bitter, Privateer Dainty Blonde and OSB Governors.

Next up will be Hawkshead Cumbrian 5 Hop, Cumberland Corby Fox and Titanic Plum Porter.

Our ciders are Moonlight (7.5%) and Equinox (4.5%).

We currently have a range of bottled beers from Marble, Hawkshead, Hardknott, Ulverston and Fell Brewery.

We had our first ukulele group gathering on Monday night. There were around 20 of us and the night was a great success. Many thanks to Kris, especially for his patience as most of us had never touched a ukulele before, but he soon had us strumming along to Fulsome Prison Blues and others. Next meet up Monday 10 February at 6-30pm, admission strictly by ukulele only.

For those of a more energetic disposition we now meet each Sunday for a game of badminton at Carnforth Leisure. If you would like to join us we are starting at 12 00 this week but please check in future as times vary.

One day:

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Beer Update!

Apologies for not updating the blog earlier, system to pot thanks to Christmas and New Year.

Today we have Thornbridge Jaipur, Chocolate Marble, RCH PG Steam, Barngates Brathay Gold and our last Christmas ale, although it's a very light one, Lytham Ho Ho Ho!

For the cider drinkers we have Moonshine (7.5%) and Equinox (4.5%).

Bob will be offering pheasant and onion pies today, only asking a contribution to our Help for Heroes kitty. Many thanks to our customers on New Year's Eve, not only did we have a great night but the raffle raised £85 for Help for Heroes, which we have topped up to £100. Congratulations to Dave on winning the bottles which were three Marble specials: Bennett's Progress, Earl Grey IPA and Decadence (kindly donated by Last Pint Mike). Luvly!

Now, for those who missed it last time around: