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Friday, 12 April 2013

The Beer, The Beer!

We have a wonderful selection of beers this weekend, including our first Geordie ale and a fantastic first from the Settle Brewing Company.

Joining us today is the Signal Light from Settle. Now I'm a lover of strong beers, but I have to say for a 3.4% this is a delicious light, fruity, thirst quencher of a beer. Trying it before it went on this morning I had to be very careful to only take a couple of mouthfuls and not go for the full pint. Well it was only 11 30am.

The new Spring from Marble is going down a storm, as every Marble beer does, and customers have been singing the praises of the Happy Valley Lazy Daze. What with Tyne Bank Monument Bitter all the way from Newcastle, and the last couple of pints of Quantum, it is a line up that would grace any bar in the country.

We maintain the standard with Titanic Plum Stout and another Marble, the fantastic Lagonda, limbering up to make an appearance soon.

Recently I finished off the weekend beer update with the wonderful Heaven from Talking Heads. This week I will scare you all with the possibility that there is no beer in heaven. Personally I don't believe that, which is why I have requested that I be buried with several bottles of Marble Decadence, just in case I have to bribe my way through the Pearly Gates. So, in the interests of balance, I give you a little polka called In Heaven There Is No Beer:

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  1. It may well be that in Heaven there is no beer; and yet, according to the well-known (to me at least) saying: "Beer is proof that God loves us, and wants us to be happy!" And whether or not you are a believer, there is comfort in that other old saw: "Everyone has to believe in something; and I believe I'll have another beer".