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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

We're Home!

Why does the fortnight you're away on holiday happen in some kind of parallel time zone that means you seem to be back the day after you went? Having said that we had a wonderful break train hopping our way to Serbia, where the hospitality of our hosts was absolutely world class. Budapest and Munich weren't half bad either. So here we are, back home and blogging again. Must admit, we both missed The Snug while we were away, nice to see our pals/customers again.

Now then, if you look in the right side bar you will see our Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor. It seems a long, long time since we nervously checked our first Trip Advisor review and here we are, approaching our second birthday, with that certificate on our wall and the Lunesdale CAMRA Pub of the Year 2013 award also on our wall. Many thanks to all who have taken time and trouble to vote for us or post a review, it really is appreciated by us both.

So, with a huge thank you to the girls for doing such a great job while we were away, here is what we have to offer the discerning drinker today:

Marble-Dobber 5%
Coastal-Poseidon  4%
Kirkby Lonsdale-Single Track 4%
Borough-Summertime Dark 4%
Fell-AAA 4.4%

Bristol Port Cider 5%
Weston's old Rosie 7.3%

Now time for some music. I usually try and pick some music that has some kind of a link, often very tenuous so I can squeeze my favourites in, to the beer we have on, but today it's a bit different. Ceca is one of my favourites so I am bunging Pila on as a thank you to Slobodan, Nada and Grandma for their warm hospitality, not to mention Mike and Marina. Zivela Srbija!

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  1. Oops, it's Marble LAGONDA IPA not Dobber. Still in holiday mode.