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Saturday, 3 February 2018

The Walls Come Tumbling Down

For the first time in nearly a year, not forgetting the frequent periods on and off over the last five years, there is no scaffolding around The Snug. Mike from Carnforth Models kindly sent us the photos earlier this week when we were having a break away before we reopen, provisionally on February 23rd.

Although we've missed The Snug and all our pals we have enjoyed a break since October and the time has really flown. In a previous existence I worked for medical charities mostly, fundraising, volunteer recruitment and training and awareness raising. Inevitably many of the volunteers I worked with were retired and so many used to tell me that they were so busy they had no idea how they ever had time to work. We now know what they mean. Having said that we are really excited at getting cracking again and we have already started preparing.

After the scaffolding the fencing across the front of the station came down next. Thanks again to Mike for the picture. That was when we really started to feel that we were on our way back. Driving into the station now you would never guess that we'd had months of portacabins and fencing hiding the historic frontage of the station. That was the first thing we did when we got home yesterday, drive into the station to have a peep through the window to see how the new decorating looks. The redundant platform is still sealed off until 14 February so we had to peer through the front windows like a couple of orphans. Almost as momentous as the Berlin Wall coming down!

We are now in the process of selecting the first delivery of beers and we are planning some really spectacular new ones as well as some old favourites. There is a very special one making an appearance and we are off to Manchester on Monday to sort that one which we hope to have on when we have our grand reopening night.

We have already ordered our new ciders, again some new but we will stay loyal to old favourites. We will also be stocking an improved range of sort drinks, something exciting we think for the poor old drivers.

So that's our big news for now but I'm sure there will be so much happening before February 23rd that we will be posting on here again before then.

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